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Ever since Buffalo Wings were created in mid-1960's, they have been a hit - becoming a national favorite appetizer and for some, a full meal! As the popularity of wings have grown, many different recipes and variations have sprouted.

The Easy Way to Make Hot Wings
Probably the easiest way to make hot wings is a simple combination of baked or deep fried, halved chicken wings, pre-made hot sauce and margarine or butter.

Right here, you can search for and try quite a few different wing recipes, from the original Anchor Bar Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce recipe, to fusion inspired blends like the Asian Spicy Wings. You can search the site (on the right), use description links and ingredient lists to find groupings of wing varieties. Don't forget to vote in our poll and share your comments on any of the wing recipes you plan to try, or have made. Thanks for coming and enjoy our recipes!

Directions In a large bowl, place the parts of the wings (or separate them if you wish) and add the salt and pepper to taste and toss them. There are 2 ways you can make these Baked or Fried. If you like hot wings, you’d fry them with peanut oil, but if you’re a bit […]

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Directions This recipe is a little different.  Instead of making hot wings, this is a hot wing dip – for tortilla chips. In a skillet, grill the chicken breasts and when they are almost fully cooked, shred the chicken.  Make sure the shreds are small enough to be ‘scooped’ out of a serving dish. Once […]

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Directions 1.  Marinate for at least 2 hrs or more. 2.  When ready to bake, preheat the oven. Place chicken on a foil pan and drizzle some olive oil on it. 3.  Roast/bake at 325F for 25-35mins, then last 5mins, increase temperature to 350-360F for added crispiness. Ingredients galangal powder crushed garlic turmeric powder crushed […]

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Hot Wing Preparation

We don't focus too much on preparing the chicken or sides in each of the recipes listed here, because we have created a special article on Chicken Wing Preparation.

Traditionally, Buffalo Wings are served with Blue Cheese and celery. Here are two quick recipes for creating your Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce.

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